Daniel Adam

find your art.


The best way to confirm how I felt about life was to write my own quotes, and see if I thought the author was an idiot. - Daniel Adam
— Daniel Adam


I was born and raised in a small town in Central Minnesota. I remember a time when I was four and I sang an angry made up song to my mom while I was in a timeout. Singing felt like the right way to express. I didn't know the fear of being heard and judged - I existed in my own bubble like most kids before they lose the spark. 

By seven I was afraid of what my voice sounded like to other people. I only sang on the walk to the bus, or when my parents weren't home. It wasn't until years hiding in ensembles, behind athletic recognition, and my sister passing that I felt I was foolishly denying opportunities to pursue my creative side. Time is now devoted to living authentically in a tribute to those who cannot, or have yet to find the courage to do so.

tired of reading? go use your ears.